Together for Safer Roads is a global NGO, leveraging private-sector technology, data and expertise to prevent traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities around the world. Our investment in cross-sector collaboration is improving road safety outcomes and saving lives.

TSR’s dedicated members and partners are at the center of our work

With their expertise and leadership, we can improve road safety outcomes, save lives, and work toward achieving Vision Zero.

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Members and Partners

Members and Partners

TSR offers a unique opportunity for companies across industries, regions, and cultures to join together. Road safety is important to every company, whether as a part of their service, how their goods get to market, or how their employees and communities move to and from work. Jim Olson, VP Safety, Republic Services
Joining forces with TSR has enabled UPS to collaborate and engage with other like-minded organizations, government agencies, and experts in the field of road safety. These connections can lead to valuable partnerships, collaborations, and knowledge-sharing opportunities as we strive to achieve our shared goals and vision for safer fleets and roads. Cormac Gilligan, Global Head, Environment, Health & Safety, UPS
TSR provides a platform to exchange ideas, learn from like-minded organizations, and push the boundaries of what can be achieved pertaining to road safety. We’re completely devoted to using technology to save lives, and being a part of this movement opens the door to join forces with others to push for zero road deaths. Matthew Ison, Vice President of Sales, VisionTrack
As a major user of roads worldwide, we know that road safety is a collective endeavor that requires collaboration. That is why AB InBev is a founding member of Together for Safer Roads, where companies from around the globe unite to share best practices and foster innovation to make the roads of the world safer for all. Andres Peñate, Global VP Corporate Affairs, Anheuser-Busch InBev

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