Global Fleet Safety Instruments Standardization

Launched alongside the 2023 UN Global Road Safety Week, this initiative aims to establish operator-focused guidelines and best practices for effective implementation of fundamental safety tools and technologies including: seat belts, telematics, automatic braking, airbags, and side view mirrors.

Fleet operators often lack cohesive best practice guidance to inform how best to deploy new tools and technologies, retrofit existing tools and practices, and ensure meaningful compliance from drivers. The guidance that does exist is typically either too broad or too detailed to provide a useful framework for management-level safety practitioners to use as a basis for decision-making. This lack of consistent, industry-informed operational best-practices presents TSR with a transformative opportunity to promote change at scale and improve fleet safety.

Saving Lives Through Increased Seat Belt Usage

Through extensive research and stakeholder engagement, TSR identified a critical need for detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that address both human behavior and specific seat belt hardware and technology as it relates to increasing seat belt utilization rates for fleet drivers.

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