Global Leadership Council for Fleet Safety

TSR's Global Leadership Council for Fleet Safety brings together experts from our diverse membership to provide counsel, support and new insights to the industry, with a particular focus on interventions and policies that can transform the safety of fleets that are most in need.

In 2019, we formed the Council so that we could better leverage the unprecedented talent, expertise and networks of our member organizations on behalf of small and midsize fleets. It’s the first time public and private sector leaders have come together to specifically address how fleets can contribute to achieving Vision Zero. The work of the Council is organized around three pillars: Vehicle Safety Technology and Telematics, Professional Development and Training, and Leadership and Organizational Change Management.

Council Pillars

Participating in the Council demonstrates your expertise and innovation in commercial fleet operations.  Join members from ABinBev, Autoliv, VisionTrack,  Dennis Eagle, PepsiCo, Republic Services, Samsara, UPS, and more.

Vehicle safety technology and telematics

Professional development and training

Leadership and organizational change management

Report: Driver Attitudes Towards Vehicle Safety Technology

In 2022, The Council spearheaded exciting new research into understanding what makes drivers reluctant to adopt in-cab camera technology, surveying over 500 professional drivers to unpack and learn what can be done to positively influence perceptions.

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