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Together for Safer Roads and Grupo Modelo expand truck of the future program to Mexico City

Mexico City (May 22, 2023) – In conjunction with UN Global Road Safety Week, Together for Safer Roads (TSR), the leading international NGO focused on building cross-sector partnerships to improve fleet trucking safety, announces the expansion of its innovative Truck of the Future (TOTF) pilot program to Mexico City, in partnership with Grupo Modelo and VisionTrack, a leading global provider of AI video telematics and connected vehicle data.

The Truck of the Future program was developed to improve road safety by providing state-of-the-art hardware and software that offers fleet vehicles greater blind-zone detection and visibility. The program’s goal is to improve driver safety as well as the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists, and be one step closer to making Vision Zero a global reality.

“Because of vehicle design, drivers of large vehicles often have limited visibility behind the wheel and driver skill cannot overcome what the driver cannot see,” explains Peter Goldwasser, executive director of Together for Safer Roads. “We are excited to bring the Truck of the Future program to Mexico City and support the road safety efforts of our dedicated Grupo Modelo partners.”

Grupo Modelo joins New York City’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) in the program, adding a private sector fleet to the pilot. The program, which is ongoing, will continue to add partners in both the public and private sectors. Each pilot participant will select ten vehicles to be retrofitted with TOTF hardware and software.

“With a commitment to road safety, we are proud of the work we have done and know there is always more to do,” said Cassiano De Stefano, president of Grupo Modelo. “The technology behind Truck of the Future is a critical next step in road safety, not only for participating fleets but for all road users, and we are thrilled to be participating in the program.”

TOTF was developed inside TSR’s Safer Roads Studio, the organization’s hub for work with forward-thinking corporations, municipalities and other road safety entrepreneurs, with hardware and software technology and support provided by VisionTrack. By utilizing AI technology, connected cameras and video telematics, drivers gain 360-degree visibility around the vehicle and are provided with real-time feedback.

“This is a hugely exciting partnership for VisionTrack and represents a significant development for the innovative Truck of the Future pilot program,” said Simon Marsh, CEO of VisionTrack. We are looking forward to working closely with TSR and Grupo Modelo to implement an industry-leading, AI-powered fleet safety system and help keep all road-users in Mexico City safe from harm.
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Together for Safer Roads is the leading international NGO (non-governmental organization) focused on building cross-sector partnerships to improve fleet trucking safety. TSR leverages private-sector technology, data, and expertise to create innovative programs aimed at preventing traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities around the globe. Our members represent some of the largest and important fleets in the world as well as pre-eminent road safety technology companies. We work with governments, businesses, and community stakeholders on local projects, fleet safety management and technology initiatives with the goal of achieving Vision Zero – the total elimination of traffic fatalities and severe injuries.

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